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Small Maid Party


Patreon Goal: Small Maid Party

Only for all my Masters and Princess


What is the Small Maid Party?

When this goal is reached, I will rent out either a Maid Cafe, Girls Bar, Concept Cafe, Hostess Club, Danso Cafe, Unique Cafe in Akihabara twice a year for the Small Maid Party for only my Masters and Princesses of Maid S Runner.

The Cafe will be different each time and the date and time may also very. This event will be first come first serve. More details will be posted in the Discord when the Goal is reached.   
(At this time Small Maid Party is on hold and will resume when all restrictions are lifted for Japan.)

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Become a Master / Princess of Maid S Runner to attend the

Small Maid Party 

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