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All Maid Spas in Akihabara

Maid S Runner has about 10 different Maid Spas in Akihabara

What are Maid Spas?

Maid Spas are legitimate spas. Usually offering a standard massage or aromatherapy massage. The masseuse will often be wearing a Maid uniform or cosplay. Maid Spas only offer massages. They do not have a day spa or any other facilities outside of a shower. Most of the time you can just walk in and do not need an appointment.

About Maid Spas in Akihabara

Pool chair

Maid Spa Interior

Maid Spa interior in Akihabara are usually small private sectional areas with a massage table or futon. 


Maid Spa Uniform

The uniforms for Maid Spas in Akihabara rang from Maid uniforms to cosplay to the standard masseuse uniform


Maid Spa Cost

Depending on the type of massage and the length. Maid Spas in Akihabara can cost from 3,000 yen to 30,000 yen and up.

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