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Maid S Runner has more than 80 different Concept Cafes in Akihabara

What are Concept Cafes?

Concept Cafes in Akihabara are between a Maid Cafe and a Girls Bar. Offering a little of both worlds. Some have cute and colorful uniforms, food, drinks, and live performances and some have conversation with the bartenders while enjoying drinks. Overall Concept Cafes usually have both just in smaller quantities.

About Concept Cafes in Akihabara


Concept Cafe Interior

Concept Cafes in Akihabara usually have both a bar and some tables. Sitting no more than 20 people. With very cute and or luxurious interiors. 

Clothes hangers

Concept Cafe Uniform

The uniforms for Concept Cafe in Akihabara range from Maid to cosplay to casual clothing.

Coin purse

Concept Cafe Cost

Concept Cafe in Akihabara can cost from 2,000 yen to 15,000 yen and up per person. On the average per person expect to pay about 6,000 yen.

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