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Big Maid Party

Goal ~ Big Maid Party

Privileged admittance is extended solely to our distinguished Patreon members of the Masters / Princess tier or beyond.

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What is the Big Maid Party?

Upon attaining this ambitious milestone, I shall secure a luxurious ballroom in preparation for the esteemed annual Big Maid Party. This splendid soirée is exclusively reserved for patrons of the esteemed Masters and Princesses tier or beyond. The Big Maid Party promises to enchant attendees with a lavish spread of gastronomic delights, an assortment of libations, captivating amusements, enchanting cosplayers, and, naturally, the presence of an exquisite assembly of Maids.

Participation will be on a first-come, first-served basis, starting with the highest membership level. Further details will be provided in the Discord server once the goal is met.

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Big Maid Party ~ 0.017%

Maid S Runner is about about 0.017% away from the Big Maid Party. 

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