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Nyan Chisai

Catgirl Maids and Bunnygirl Maids

Everyone who becomes a member at the Nyan Chisai level will enjoy the same benefits as Master Nyan / Princess Nyan members.

Ends on February 22, 2024, or if 222 members join.

About Moe Catgirl

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Maid S Runner, dedicated to exploring the magical world of Maid Cafes. When the Moe Catgirl, enchanting and brimming with Kawaii charm, graced MSR with her presence, she graciously bestowed upon MSR the "Nyan Chisai" – a special, limited-time membership level inviting everyone to partake in the enchantment that surrounded the incredibly Kawaii Moe Catgirl. As she departed, she left behind nothing more than her delicate footprints and the presence of Nyan Chisai.

Nyan Chisai Information 

You will have all of Nyan Chisai benefits for as long as you remain a member, even after Nyan Chisai ends.


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  • The same benefits as,
    Master Nyan / Princess Nyan

  • にゃん Moe Handbook Nyan, Access to the 10th category, Nyan Cafe

  • にゃん private Discord Nyan

  • Master Nyan / Princess Nyan email

  • Full Nyan Weekly Kaihou

  • Second group for both the "Small Maid Party" and "Big Maid Party"

Limited Time

The Moe Catgirl granted MSR Nyan Chisai but only for a limited time.

Nyan Chisai will conclude on February 22, 2024, or when 222 people become members, whichever comes first.

Nyan Cafe Styles

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There are two styles of Nyan Cafes:

(Usually) - Around 80% of the time, the Maids in these Cafes should be wearing animal ears.

(Half) - Around 50% of the time, the Maids in these Cafes should be wearing animal ears.

にゃん Moe Handbook Nyan

にゃん Moe Handbook Nyan has the 10th category, Nyan Cafe, featuring up to date information on all Nyan Cafes in Akihabara, including Maids wearing Cat Ears, Bunny Ears, and all Animal Ears.

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About Nyan Cafes in Akihabara

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