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Fact-chan, bite size information about Maid Cafes, Girls Bars, Concept Cafes, Hostess Clubs, Danso Cafes, Maid Spas, Unique Cafes, Nyan Cafes, Late night Cafes, Akihabara, and Maid S Runner.

New Fact-chan will be posted on Mondays for my Master / Princess or higher, and on Tuesday for everyone.

Fact-chan #157 en Nyan.jpg

Fact-chan #157

Nyan edition #3
Ranked from most common to least across all Nyan Cafes in Akihabara, including all Maid Cafes in Akiba, you'll discover Catgirl Maids, followed by Bunny Girl Maids, and then an array of Maids with diverse animal ears.

Fact-chan #156 Nyan

Fact-chan #156

Nyan edition #2
Catgirl Maids are a common sight in Maid Cafes throughout Akihabara, even if the Maid Cafe is not necessarily a Nyan Cafe.

Fact-chan #155

Fact-chan #155

Catgirl Maids and Bunnygirl Maids waiting for you!
Will you go to them?!

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