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Master-sama / Princess-sama

Highest membership level

Very limited!

Ascend to the highest level and join Master-sama / Princess-sama and be considered a true Sama. This exclusive level is exceedingly limited and reserved for those who truly embody the spirit of a Sama.

Grey Round Patterns

What is the
Master-sama / Princess-sama

Revel in the ultimate experience with an annual meet-up in the heart of Akihabara, where all our true Samas will come together for an unforgettable gathering.

Enter the realm of the "True Sama private Discord," where you'll be bestowed with the honored Master-sama / Princess-sama role, granting you unmatched access to 100% of all our channels and discussions.

Be among the first group to receive updates on exciting events and gain access to both the "Small Maid Party" and the exclusive "Big Maid Party".

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