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Maid S Runners has close to 200 different cafes. Sorted into 8 styles. Maid Cafe ・ Girls Bar ・ Concept Cafe ・ Hostess Club ・ Danso Cafe ・ Maid Spa ・ Unique Cafe ・ Nyan Cafe (only for Master Nyan / Princess Nyan)


Maid CAfe

More than 60 different Maid Cafes in Akihabara


Girls Bar

More than 40 different Girls Bars in Akihabara

Tall drink

Concept Cafe

More than 30 different Concept Cafes in Akihabara

Champagne flute

Hostess Club

About 10 different

Hostess Clubs in Akihabara

Bow tie

Danso Cafe

About 10 different

Danso Cafes in Akihabara


Maid Spa

About 10 different

Maid Spas in Akihabara

Eighth note & heart

Unique Cafe

About 20 different

Unique Cafes in Akihabara


Nyan Cafe


​Nyan Nyan Nyan


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and of course Maids.

Maid Party

Events and Meet ups

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Small Maid Party

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Big Maid Party

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Master-sama Princess-sama

Fact-chan #85

Concept Cafe
What are Concept Cafes?
Concept Cafes in Akihabara are between a Maid Cafe and a Girls Bar. Offering a little of both worlds. Some have cute and colorful uniforms, food, drinks, and live performances and some have conversation with the bartenders while enjoying drinks.

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Maid S Runner Haiku

Maid S Runner Haiku

New Maid Cafe here
New excitement awaits me
New Maids new cuteness
~ Maid S Runner

Master / Princess

~Join the Private Community of Himitsu Maid
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~The full Weekly Kaihou
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~All Maid S Runner’s Haiku and a place to post your own Akihabara Haiku

Floating Cats

Master Nyan / Princess Nyan

Nyan Nyan Nyan

~Nekomimi and all Animal Ear Cafes in Akihabara
~Exclusive Discord Nyan Nyan Nyan content
~Exclusive Master Nyan / Princess Nyan email
~Includes Master / Princess Tier
Nyan Nyan Nyan

Master-sama / Princess-sama

~Meet up, this tier only
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~Includes Master / Princess Tier and Master Nyan / Princess Nyan Tier

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