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Maid S Runner: Nyan Chisai 
Maid Cafes Catgirls Akihabara

Paw Prints

Akihabara Maid Cafe Expert

​秘密メイド Himitsu Maid

Catgirl Maids and Bunny girl Maids waiting for you!

Will you go to them?!

Paw Prints
Paw Prints

Everyone who becomes a member at the Nyan Chisai level will enjoy the same benefits as Master Nyan / Princess Nyan members.

Ends on February 22, 2024,

or if 222 members join.

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All Maid Cafes in Akihabara

Moe Handbook

The Moe Handbook offers up to date information on over 200 Maid Cafes in Akihabara, conveniently sorted into 10 styles. It is available in both English and Japanese, making it your perfect companion for exploring Akihabara's Maid Cafes.

Maid CAfe

Discover round 70 different Maid Cafes in Akihabara

Girls Bar

Discover round 30 different

Girls Bars in Akihabara

Concept Cafe

Discover round 80 different

Concept Cafes in Akihabara

Hostess Club

Discover round 5 different

Hostess Clubs in Akihabara

Snack Bar

Discover round 5 different

Snack Bars in Akihabara

Danso Cafe

Discover round 10 different

Danso Cafes in Akihabara

Maid Spa

Discover round 10 different

Maid Spas in Akihabara

Unique Cafe

Discover round 20 different

Unique Cafes in Akihabara

Nyan Cafe

Catgirl Maids
Bunny Girl Maids

Late Night Cafe

Discover round 80 different

Late night Cafes in Akihabara

Maid S Runner Private Discord

Join our private Discord community, where you can passionately discuss your love for Maid Cafes and Akihabara within an exclusive circle of like minded individuals.

Maid Party

Join Maid S Runner for exclusive events and meet-ups in Maid Cafes and within Akihabara.

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Small Maid Party

Akihabara 2_edited_edited.jpg

Big Maid Party

Maid Akihabara_edited_edited.jpg

Master-sama Princess-sama

Fact-chan #157

Nyan edition #3
Ranked from most common to least across all Nyan Cafes in Akihabara, including all Maid Cafes in Akiba, you'll discover Catgirl Maids, followed by Bunny Girl Maids, and then an array of Maids with diverse animal ears.

Exclusive early access

and unlock all Fact-chan.

Fact-chan #157
Feb twenty second ~ Maid S Runner Haiku

Maid S Runner Haiku

Nyan Chisai ends
Two hundred twenty two join
Feb twenty second
~ Maid S Runner

Exclusive Early Access and unlock a

treasure trove of over 100 MSR Haiku

Daily Haiku TikToks for the incredible Kawaii Moe Catgirl

Nyan Chisai now
Kawaii Moe Catgirl
For limited time
~ Maid S Runner

  • TikTok

To commemorate the enchanting visit of the incredible Kawaii Moe Catgirl, Maid S Runner is embarking on a captivating journey. Throughout this odyssey, immerse yourself in the allure of Maid Cafes, Akihabara, and Maids as MSR post daily Haiku TikToks until Nyan Chisai ends. Join MSR in celebrating the magic of Moe Catgirl and Nyan Chisai.

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