Akihabara Voice Cafe Bar 声優のたまご
Akihabara Voice Cafe Bar Seiyuu no Tamago

秘密メイド  Himitsu Maid
ご主人様・王女様のMaid S Runnerになってください




月額10.00ドル、声優のたまご見て・入場券に Maid S Runner ・密かdiscord。

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Maid S Runner (MSR) is the first and only website to list

all Maid Cafes Girls Bars in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan.
Akihabara has more than 100 different Maid Cafes and Girls Bars all located within a 10 minute walk of the Akihabara Train Station.

Maid S. Runner strives to have all Maid Cafes and Girls Bars in Akiahabara. If you know of a Maid Cafe or Girls Bar MSR has missed and or information MSR is lacking or in error PLEASE contact MSR on Twitter or maidsrunner@gmail.com with the information. If you want I will credit you on the page.

Maid S Runner「メイドすランナー」秋葉原の全部のメイドカフェとガールズバー。営業時間, アクセス, メニュー, メイド。100以上種類、メイドカフェとガールズバー。